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Oct 19th 2022
Whether you are seeking to have hearsay admitted into evidence or you are resisting the hearsay, you must know this frequently used rule and its exceptions and exclusions. We will cover the rules that you will need for most family law hearings.

Aug 24th 2022
How do we help our clients sell a house with a tenant or enforce a right of possession when there is no DVRO filing? With the near unprecedented increase in housing values, selling houses has become more common. Unfortunately, this prospect can become troublesome very quickly if someone else also has possessory rights. Come talk about the intersect

Jun 29th 2022
This panel continues to discuss common methods of enforcing judgment which it did not get to in the first panel. It will also go deeper into some of the methods already discussed in Part 1. Ira is a Certified Family Law Specialist with over 45 years experience in this area. David is also a Certified Family Law Specialist with over 20 years exp

May 25th 2022
This presentation will comment on the three primary valuation approaches but will emphasize the income approach. With a focus on intangible value (goodwill) this presentation will draw attention away from the business benefit stream ($$$) and focus on how risk, discount rates, growth rates, and capitalization rates affect business value.

Mar 30th 2022
This presentation will go over different kinds of trauma, their symptoms, and how it can affect clients abilities to perform in court. We will also discuss strategies to help prepare clients that have been traumatized for court so that they can be more present and regulated when court is in session.

Mar 17th 2022
The program will inform family law attorneys about the emerging class of assets, organizational structures, and income streams powered by blockchain technology, and how these affect their law practice. The speaker will explain the nature of NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, and other nascent digital concepts; their impact on property, support, attorneys fees, and

Feb 4th 2022
This panel will discuss the common methods of enforcement of orders, such as bank levies, stock brokerage levies and wage garnishment. We will also address some more sophisticated methods such as assignment orders, charging orders and receiverships. The presentation will aim to educate family law practitioners about the different post- judgment rem

Jan 27th 2022
The Percipio Company fosters inclusive cultures by creating safe spaces for brave conversations. We introduce a common language that differentiates between various types of bias. Through a process of self-reflection & discovery, we strengthen workplace relationships by identifying the hidden (and not-so-hidden) biases that are impacting attorne
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