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Jan 31st 2012
Have you ever felt that judges don't enforce fiduciary duties or punish breaches? This program discusses the duties,what the statutes say about enforcement and how judicial officers actually enforce them, including a discussion of how to obtain greater enforcement from your court. Examples of breaches during marriage, after separation and post judg

Mar 22nd 2014
Among other unique issues, the panelists will offer tips for applying fiduciary duties in mediation, collaborative law, post-judgment and other situations. Can fiduciary duties be built into mediation or the collaborative process to survive either process and not be shielded by mediation confidentiality? How can fiduciary duties be waived? Can part

Mar 22nd 2014
Even with the new 60-day exchange requirements, it is not always simple to persuade the other party to comply with their disclosure obligations. This panel will explore procedures for putting the opposing party on notice that the party is expected to be in full compliance with all post-separation fiduciary duties, including disclosure, and methods

Mar 23rd 2014
Two highly accomplished trial attorneys will explore the presentation of a breach of fiduciary duty claim and the defenses to the claim. They will also elucidate trial techniques along with providing strategic and practical advice as to how to present and defend such a case.
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