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Aug 22nd 2017
Over the past 3 years the Appellate Courts have addressed and expandedemotional and psychological abuse within the realm of Domestic Violence. If you have not been following this trend, here is a concise one hour presentation by a Judge and an attorney with unique qualifications to assist you in "knowing it when you hear about it". These remedies n

Jan 22nd 2020
Discussion of recent domestic violence cases.  After a brief discussion of appeals in family law cases, Attorney Vasan discusses recent restraining order cases: Lugo v. Corona, Molinaro v. Molinaro, N.T. v. H.T., Herriott v. Herriott, Marriage of Ankola, and Tanguilig v. Valdez. The presentation then turns to custody and visitation and the fol

May 29th 2020
The current pandemic crisis has a variety of implications for families and their attorneys. Stay-at-home orders have increased isolation for those living with domestic violence and created significant psychological and economic stress for many. The intersection of this current crisis with another public health issue"gun violence"has particular chal

Feb 19th 2021
Too often misconceptions about the nature of abuse in the context of Family Law child custody cases produce orders that fail to protect the children. Both parents and the child often do things that are counterintuitive making it difficult to determine what actually happened. Hidden biases and/or knowledge deficits distort perceptions of the complai

Mar 30th 2022
This presentation will go over different kinds of trauma, their symptoms, and how it can affect clients abilities to perform in court. We will also discuss strategies to help prepare clients that have been traumatized for court so that they can be more present and regulated when court is in session.
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