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Jan 29th 2024
California is a global village. Marriages, finance and commercial transactions are crossing borders. Not surprisingly, California courts must regularly interpret and apply foreign law — including Shari’a — to everything from the recognition of foreign divorces and custody decrees, to the validity of marriages, the terms of an Isla

Jan 24th 2024
While most family law practitioners won’t touch Marvin actions with a 10-foot pole, it’s important to understand the contours of these cases to advise clients as to when to seek counsel and how the Marvin issues interplay with the family law issues. This presentation will provide a basic overview of Marvin issues and various theories of

Oct 25th 2023
Family law and estate planning intersect throughout the phases of a person's life. The way an estate plan should be drafted changes when someone is single, married, separated, going through a divorce and after a divorce is final. This presentation will discuss each situation and address what issues should be addressed during each phase of life

Jun 5th 2023
A review of a basic Moore/Marsden as well as some common complications that may arise. 

May 16th 2023
When we perform quick, down-and-dirty guideline support calculations we are suggesting to clients that support calculations are easy. Guideline support calculations are not easy. Best case, we are converting a complex service into a generic product. Worst case, we are providing inaccurate and misleading numbers to clients. This guideline support pr

May 15th 2023
A back to basics overview of valuations for family law purposes. We will review the Market Method, Asset Method, and Excess Earnings Methods as well as potential appropriate adjustments.

Apr 27th 2023
What do we need to consider when a case involves a sole proprietor, the owner of a C-Corp, a 100% owner of a pass-through entity, or a partial owner of a pass-through entity? This presentation will emphasize and explain guideline support inputs specific to business owners. This presentation will move beyond the basic employee wage and salary relate

Apr 18th 2023
Lisa and Soma will discuss how different industries are faring in today's labor market, how an evaluee's strengths and challenges are considered in the context of job finding and how a vocational evaluation may help settle support issues in family law cases. The experts will also present relevant case studies. 
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