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Feb 19th 2021
Too often misconceptions about the nature of abuse in the context of Family Law child custody cases produce orders that fail to protect the children. Both parents and the child often do things that are counterintuitive making it difficult to determine what actually happened. Hidden biases and/or knowledge deficits distort perceptions of the complai

Feb 10th 2021
Privileges protect certain communications and other information from disclosure, and are a fundamental part of our justice system.  This program will cover the most commonly used privileges -- including the attorney-client privilege, the marital/spousal privilege, the physician-patient privilege, and the psychotherapist-patient privilege -- an

Nov 18th 2020
ACFLS Hall of Fame Award Recipient Stephen J. Wagner will provide tips on how to prepare a Final Declaration of Disclosure that settles cases, sets up easy trial preparation, and secures judgments that withstand set aside motions. With California's relatively liberal set aside provisions found in Family Code sections 2120 et seq preparing a proper

Nov 6th 2020
This presentation is designed to provide constructive information on the nuances of domestic violence in family law cases and how a domestic violence consultant/advocate could be beneficial.  This presentation will cover topics such as strangulation, traumatic brain injury, coercive control, economic abuse, animal abuse to name a few.

Oct 2nd 2020
United States history is founded in the bedrock of white supremacy and racism. From the Colonial Era to the present, race and indigeneity have shaped the lived experiences of all people within the nation. Sadly, across the centuries, the legal system has protected and legitimized structural racism rather than eliminating or meaningfully challe

Aug 13th 2020
John Munsill, CFLS, D. Thomas Woodruff, CFLS, and Dawn Cornelius, CPA, take a deep look at tracing issues related to family law and provide an update on current cases regarding tracing, characterization and property division.

Jul 29th 2020
Peter M. Walzer and Marc M. Stern, Esq. address crossover issues in estate planning and marital dissolution, including the estate planning issues that arise during a divorce and the family law issues that affect the estate planning.
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