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Jul 20th 2020
Most property issues in a divorce are governed by a complex set of statutes. In this webinar, Christopher C. Melcher unravels the secrets of characterizing property, proving a transmutation, and dealing with reimbursements under Family Code section 2640. The presentation provides simple and easy to follow approaches to tackling these issues in our

Jun 25th 2020
This presentation addresses the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the handling of support issues by the court and attorneys. Commissioner Scott Harman and Melissa Harman, Esq. discuss the implications of certain provisions of Federal and State emergency relief, including the CARES Act, California Emergency Rules of Court, and local/county responses

Jun 23rd 2020
Get ready for conducting family law hearings by video with this interactive webinar.  The presenters demonstrate live the best (and worst) practices.  From cross-examination, to impeachment exhibits, to subpoenaing third party witnesses to a video hearing, they cover it. The presenters Christopher Melcher and Steve Mindel are joined by Wa

Jun 16th 2020
This presentation by David T. Ruegg and John C. Madden covers the CARES Act impact on retirement accounts, drafting marital settlement agreements properly for fixed dollar awards, understanding the impact of valuation dates, actuary reports, discount rates, separate property tracings and how volatile markets should impact your analysis of these con

Jun 5th 2020
Employers are encouraged to review employment practices and policies to account for the new employment landscape created by COVID-19.  This webinar will discuss important issues for employers to consider such as: complying with local, state and federal workplace safety and reopening requirements; establishing comprehensive return to work proto

May 29th 2020
The current pandemic crisis has a variety of implications for families and their attorneys. Stay-at-home orders have increased isolation for those living with domestic violence and created significant psychological and economic stress for many. The intersection of this current crisis with another public health issue"gun violence"has particular chal

May 15th 2020
Before the economic crisis, closely held businesses were valued and nearly always awarded to the operating spouse. Now, it may be impossible to value the business and the liquidity for a buy-out has dried up. Deferred division may be the new normal, requiring spouses to continue their co-ownership. In this discussion led by Christopher C. Melcher,

Feb 27th 2020
Paul Nathan, Esq., provides a detailed overview of sanction motions under CCP 128.5 and 128.7. He explains the differences between the code sections and provides examples in which each section is applicable. He presents the pros and cons of using CCP sanction requests versus requests under the Family Code. Paul, who is based in Tiburon, has an exte

Jan 22nd 2020
Discussion of recent domestic violence cases.  After a brief discussion of appeals in family law cases, Attorney Vasan discusses recent restraining order cases: Lugo v. Corona, Molinaro v. Molinaro, N.T. v. H.T., Herriott v. Herriott, Marriage of Ankola, and Tanguilig v. Valdez. The presentation then turns to custody and visitation and the fol

Oct 23rd 2019
Prepare for the appeal when you prepare your case for trial. Our presenters overlay the procedural timelines with the various forms of relief available as your case progresses from stipulations before trial through prejudgment motions, motions during trial, motions after judgment is entered, and available relief until filing of the Notice of Appeal

Oct 6th 2019
2019 Speakers Series Learn from the Masters: Custody & Support Litigation Part Two: Temporary Support " A Whole New World with Commissioner Richard G. Vogl (Ret.), Steven G. Hittelman, CFLS, Glenn R. Mehner, CPA, CFF, and Art Grater, PE, Steve Bonds, CPA, MBT, and Carlos Kaiser, CPA, MBT. Discussion of best use of forensic accounting experts fo
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