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Jul 8th 2012
What happened to the Yellow Page Ads? How are new lawyers promoting themselves and their practices? Do you feel like you are being left in the dust? Mark Ressa, a family law specialist (like you), takes the mystery for lawyers out of the use of the internet and programs like FaceBook. Even if you have no intent to change, you better find out what i

Aug 28th 2012
You have practiced Family Law for years. You've written and read hundreds of MSA's. Spend an hour with the wit, wisdom and insight of Ron Granberg to discover what you are missing (or confirm that you do it perfect!). This video provides 1 hour of law, thought and analysis.

Oct 22nd 2012
Spend 60 minutes to explore how social media effects you, your clients and how you practice family law. This overview jumpstarts your inquiry into new approaches to family law. The world is changing and family law lawyers need to adjust, too. This video provides 1 hour of law, thought and analysis.

Sep 24th 2013
Enhance your trial skills. Get you evidence in through a hostile party or witness. Ms. Slivka explains through personal experiences and related cases, how to exam and cross-exam witnesses during trial. When to push and when to lay back. How to keep the Judge on your side even when appearing aggressive and predatory during cross. Ms. Slivka compares

Feb 24th 2015
This one hour presentation is a comprehensive analysis of when to use joinders in family law that is not a pension case. Joinder may be mandatory or discretionary. If you do not consider joinder early in your case, you may have jurisdictional deficiencies that effect your outcomes. Custody litigation may require a joinder to resolve all issues. Iss

Nov 16th 2015
This presentation is two hours with experienced and knowledgeable Family Law litigation counsel and a career trial Judge. As the trial concludes, it is time to bring together the theme with storytelling and anticipate possible post trial motions. Tips, tricks and techniques to convince the trial judge to rule for your client. Analyze effective post

Feb 28th 2017
It is not unusual following a divorce for one parent to end contact with the children and/or for the other parent to create a new family through remarriage. Through the step-parent adoption process, the new family will want to legally establish new bonds between the children and the new spouse and remove or limit the potential influence of the abse

May 23rd 2017
As the challenges of e-filing and encryption emerge, so do the benefits of incorporating screenshots into pleadings and tablets into the courtroom. New methods of practice are developing more rapidly than we can keep up. Cari and Kevinpresent introductory look at some of the hardware and software that can save time, money and vertebrae for the fami

Jan 9th 2018
Do you remind the Judge of your client's "right to privacy"? This presentation by Diana Richmond, CFLS, provides the law, cases, and arguments when challenged by the "rights of privacy". How far does the right of privacy extend in the marital context? Our presenter focuses on the clash between electronic evidence and the bounds of privacy. There ar

Jan 23rd 2018
"Evidence 101: Cyberstalking and Hacking" by Benjamin Rose 1/23/18 1 Hour MCLE Has your client been hacked? Is cyberstalking suspected? Benjamin Rose will describe how it's done, how it's detected, how to prove it in court, and how to prevent it going forward. In the process, he will teach you about the current technologies and resources available

May 22nd 2018
An exploration of issues that impact attorney competency, including, common impairments, as well as how to protect clients when competency or capacity issues develop. Among the topics discussed: addiction, physical and mental disabilities, incapacity, what can happen to a practice / clients when competency and incapacity occur. Dealing with the imp

Jan 22nd 2019
This presentation begins the 2019 program series on family law trials. The first installment is "Trial Briefs"

Feb 12th 2019
This presentation covers what you need to know about mortgages in the divorce settlement process such as leveraging the mortgage as a settlement tool, key lender guidelines and creative workarounds, MSA verbiage, and case studies. This presentation also addresses key mortgage considerations during divorce, characteristics of divorce specific lender

Oct 23rd 2019
Prepare for the appeal when you prepare your case for trial. Our presenters overlay the procedural timelines with the various forms of relief available as your case progresses from stipulations before trial through prejudgment motions, motions during trial, motions after judgment is entered, and available relief until filing of the Notice of Appeal

Jun 5th 2020
Employers are encouraged to review employment practices and policies to account for the new employment landscape created by COVID-19.  This webinar will discuss important issues for employers to consider such as: complying with local, state and federal workplace safety and reopening requirements; establishing comprehensive return to work proto

Jun 23rd 2020
Get ready for conducting family law hearings by video with this interactive webinar.  The presenters demonstrate live the best (and worst) practices.  From cross-examination, to impeachment exhibits, to subpoenaing third party witnesses to a video hearing, they cover it. The presenters Christopher Melcher and Steve Mindel are joined by Wa

Oct 2nd 2020
United States history is founded in the bedrock of white supremacy and racism. From the Colonial Era to the present, race and indigeneity have shaped the lived experiences of all people within the nation. Sadly, across the centuries, the legal system has protected and legitimized structural racism rather than eliminating or meaningfully challe
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