2016 Speaker Series Complex Family Law Trial Issues Part One "ESI Made Simple for Every Case"


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This is Part One of the 2016 Speakers Series "Complex Family Law Trial Issues".The experts demonstrate "how to put into practice" advanced legal principles. Try to remember the last family law matter you handled that didn't involve text messages, a string of emails, digital photographs, Facebook posts or some other form of electronically created or stored information. Chances are, it was quite some time ago. With 99% of information now being created digitally, one cannot ignore the practical and legal implications of recognizing and comprehensively addressing such information in even the most basic family law matter. This program provides you with an easily applied method for developing your ESI in every case. The program materials include sample ESI inventory, task list, preservation letters, proof chart for trial, Stipulation & Order to Preserve Rights, list of resources and cases.

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April 18, 2016


Hon. Nancy Wieben Stock , Ret.

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