CLE Courses

Oct 18th 2021
This seminar will be a one-hour seminar covering a behind-the-scenes look at preparation for cross-examination (what really goes into preparing for cross-examination of an expert) and specific steps and recommendations on how to make your case, identify weaknesses and prepare cross-examination to ensure the best results at trial. Learn the imp

Nov 8th 2021
This seminar will provide attendees with detailed approaches to cross-examination on the issue of business valuation. This seminar will cover cross-examination on issues of characterization and valuation of the business, including valuation method.  Additional factors for cross-examination will include good will, reasonable compensation, retai

Oct 2nd 2021
There has been much discussion requesting ACFLS broaden its education base, and provide education to encourage and support attorneys entering the area of family law.  We have heard your requests.  This six hour presentation will review a family law case from intake through judgment.   The focus of this program will be

Sep 1st 2021
This program will discuss pitfalls and pointers on post-judgement relief under the Family Code. This will include a discussion of set asides, delayed discovery, relief under Family Code section 1101(g) and (h), and omitted assets. The focus of the program will be practice pointers and will discuss several strategies regarding set asides of judgment

Nov 18th 2020
ACFLS Hall of Fame Award Recipient Stephen J. Wagner will provide tips on how to prepare a Final Declaration of Disclosure that settles cases, sets up easy trial preparation, and secures judgments that withstand set aside motions. With California's relatively liberal set aside provisions found in Family Code sections 2120 et seq preparing a proper

Aug 13th 2020
John Munsill, CFLS, D. Thomas Woodruff, CFLS, and Dawn Cornelius, CPA, take a deep look at tracing issues related to family law and provide an update on current cases regarding tracing, characterization and property division.

Jul 29th 2020
Peter M. Walzer and Marc M. Stern, Esq. address crossover issues in estate planning and marital dissolution, including the estate planning issues that arise during a divorce and the family law issues that affect the estate planning.

Jul 20th 2020
Most property issues in a divorce are governed by a complex set of statutes. In this webinar, Christopher C. Melcher unravels the secrets of characterizing property, proving a transmutation, and dealing with reimbursements under Family Code section 2640. The presentation provides simple and easy to follow approaches to tackling these issues in our

May 15th 2020
Before the economic crisis, closely held businesses were valued and nearly always awarded to the operating spouse. Now, it may be impossible to value the business and the liquidity for a buy-out has dried up. Deferred division may be the new normal, requiring spouses to continue their co-ownership. In this discussion led by Christopher C. Melcher,

Jun 16th 2020
This presentation by David T. Ruegg and John C. Madden covers the CARES Act impact on retirement accounts, drafting marital settlement agreements properly for fixed dollar awards, understanding the impact of valuation dates, actuary reports, discount rates, separate property tracings and how volatile markets should impact your analysis of these con

Feb 12th 2019
This presentation covers what you need to know about mortgages in the divorce settlement process such as leveraging the mortgage as a settlement tool, key lender guidelines and creative workarounds, MSA verbiage, and case studies. This presentation also addresses key mortgage considerations during divorce, characteristics of divorce specific lender

Mar 22nd 2014
Among other unique issues, the panelists will offer tips for applying fiduciary duties in mediation, collaborative law, post-judgment and other situations. Can fiduciary duties be built into mediation or the collaborative process to survive either process and not be shielded by mediation confidentiality? How can fiduciary duties be waived? Can part

Aug 28th 2012
You have practiced Family Law for years. You've written and read hundreds of MSA's. Spend an hour with the wit, wisdom and insight of Ron Granberg to discover what you are missing (or confirm that you do it perfect!). This video provides 1 hour of law, thought and analysis.

Sep 1st 2018
Do you remind the Judge of your client's "right to privacy"? This presentation by Diana Richmond, CFLS, provides the law, cases, and arguments when challenged by the "rights of privacy". How far does the right of privacy extend in the marital context? Our presenter focuses on the clash between electronic evidence and the bounds of privacy. There ar

Jun 5th 2023
A review of a basic Moore/Marsden as well as some common complications that may arise. 
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