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Sep 23rd 2014
Ron Granberg teaches the fine art of persuading the logical and the emotional decision makers to settle cases or influence the decision maker. Learn the three arguments for the logical decision: Syllogism, Generalization and Analogy. Contrast for the persuasion of the emotional decision maker with Heuristic Decision making, understanding

Aug 9th 2015
The role of the mental health professional (MHP) in Family law is evolving. Counsel are retaining their own MHP's early in custody cases as "consulting trial experts". Some MHP help prepare a client for the court custody evaluations or mediations. A "review expert" helps counsel analyze a custody evaluation for negotiation and trial preparation. At

May 10th 2016
Author, instructor and attorney, Emily Doskow provides an hour-long presentation to introduce attorneys to the concept of mindfulness -- the practice of noticing one's experience in the present moment -- and explore its application to the practice of law. Her presentation includes basic instructions in meditation along with two brief meditations, o

Sep 27th 2016
This program describes screening assessments for power imbalances and danger in mediation and collaborative cases, and how some screening techniques may be adapted for use by litigators. While not optimal in litigated matters, screening techniques still have value in determining, even if based almost solely on information from one party, whether an

Mar 27th 2018
Robert A. Simon,Ph.D. is an expert witness, child custody evaluator, child custody consultant, and custody mediator with over 30 years of experience in custody forensic psychology. This presentation is provides the attorney with an understanding of the role of "attachment" in the custody decision. Dr. Simon addresses the weight of attachment at the
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