"Mindfulness in the Minefields: Oakland Edition"


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Author, instructor and attorney, Emily Doskow provides an hour-long presentation to introduce attorneys to the concept of mindfulness -- the practice of noticing one's experience in the present moment -- and explore its application to the practice of law. Her presentation includes basic instructions in meditation along with two brief meditations, one guided and one unguided. Emily explains how brain science indicates that mindfulness is an effective tool for reducing stress and increasing our sense of well-being. Her presentation includes discussions of mindfulness and self-reflection as lawyering skills that support us in working with clients, opposing counsel, and ourselves; and about the use of mindfulness to deal with strong emotions and cultivate compassion for ourselves, our clients, and even our opponents.

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Presented ON

May 10, 2016


Emily Doskow, Esq

*MCLE Credits


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