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Feb 15th 2023
"Try taking a journey by covered wagon across the family law departments on the section 217 trail.  At the central courthouse, will you slosh your oxen through mud and water or get stuck in the forfeiture rut? Win the game by introducing live testimony."  

Oct 19th 2022
Whether you are seeking to have hearsay admitted into evidence or you are resisting the hearsay, you must know this frequently used rule and its exceptions and exclusions. We will cover the rules that you will need for most family law hearings.

Oct 2nd 2021
There has been much discussion requesting ACFLS broaden its education base, and provide education to encourage and support attorneys entering the area of family law.  We have heard your requests.  This six hour presentation will review a family law case from intake through judgment.   The focus of this program will be

Feb 10th 2021
Privileges protect certain communications and other information from disclosure, and are a fundamental part of our justice system.  This program will cover the most commonly used privileges -- including the attorney-client privilege, the marital/spousal privilege, the physician-patient privilege, and the psychotherapist-patient privilege -- an

Jun 23rd 2020
Get ready for conducting family law hearings by video with this interactive webinar.  The presenters demonstrate live the best (and worst) practices.  From cross-examination, to impeachment exhibits, to subpoenaing third party witnesses to a video hearing, they cover it. The presenters Christopher Melcher and Steve Mindel are joined by Wa

Oct 23rd 2019
Prepare for the appeal when you prepare your case for trial. Our presenters overlay the procedural timelines with the various forms of relief available as your case progresses from stipulations before trial through prejudgment motions, motions during trial, motions after judgment is entered, and available relief until filing of the Notice of Appeal

May 29th 2019
This is a focused program on the application of the laws of evidence and practical approaches to present your expert testimony to a Judge and get it in evidence. Your case warrants expert testimony. Your client has spent a substantial fees and costs to get the expert to the stand. You must assure your expert presents a powerful opinion for consider

May 14th 2019
This presentation addresses specific issues that arise in representation of a business owner in the dissolution, including: 1. The recent case of IRMO Brooks (decided 3/27/19) and IRMO Brandes on characterization 2. Valuation criteria (Rev. Rul. 59-60, IRMO Hewitson, IRMO Honer) 3. Selection of valuation experts and maximizing the expert's credibil

Jan 22nd 2019
This presentation begins the 2019 program series on family law trials. The first installment is "Trial Briefs"

Mar 23rd 2014
Two highly accomplished trial attorneys will explore the presentation of a breach of fiduciary duty claim and the defenses to the claim. They will also elucidate trial techniques along with providing strategic and practical advice as to how to present and defend such a case.

Mar 22nd 2014
Even with the new 60-day exchange requirements, it is not always simple to persuade the other party to comply with their disclosure obligations. This panel will explore procedures for putting the opposing party on notice that the party is expected to be in full compliance with all post-separation fiduciary duties, including disclosure, and methods

Apr 3rd 2013
Review of the procedural methods to seek damages and sanctions including the use of alternate valuation, remedies for violation of fiduciary duties, misappropriation, omitted assets, breach of warranty, 271 conduct, Rules of Court and defenses to each. Stephen Temko has over 37 years in family law and appeals and will review all the potential remed

Sep 24th 2013
Enhance your trial skills. Get you evidence in through a hostile party or witness. Ms. Slivka explains through personal experiences and related cases, how to exam and cross-exam witnesses during trial. When to push and when to lay back. How to keep the Judge on your side even when appearing aggressive and predatory during cross. Ms. Slivka compares

Oct 22nd 2012
Spend 60 minutes to explore how social media effects you, your clients and how you practice family law. This overview jumpstarts your inquiry into new approaches to family law. The world is changing and family law lawyers need to adjust, too. This video provides 1 hour of law, thought and analysis.

Feb 24th 2015
This one hour presentation is a comprehensive analysis of when to use joinders in family law that is not a pension case. Joinder may be mandatory or discretionary. If you do not consider joinder early in your case, you may have jurisdictional deficiencies that effect your outcomes. Custody litigation may require a joinder to resolve all issues. Iss

May 23rd 2017
As the challenges of e-filing and encryption emerge, so do the benefits of incorporating screenshots into pleadings and tablets into the courtroom. New methods of practice are developing more rapidly than we can keep up. Cari and Kevinpresent introductory look at some of the hardware and software that can save time, money and vertebrae for the fami

Jan 23rd 2018
"Evidence 101: Cyberstalking and Hacking" by Benjamin Rose 1/23/18 1 Hour MCLE Has your client been hacked? Is cyberstalking suspected? Benjamin Rose will describe how it's done, how it's detected, how to prove it in court, and how to prevent it going forward. In the process, he will teach you about the current technologies and resources available

Apr 24th 2012
Has the prospect of a bankruptcy arisen before, during or after your representation in the dissolution? Do you have enough of a working knowledge of Bankruptcy laws, rules, regulations and case law to consider the effects on your case and refer your client if necessary? Which comes first - the dissolution or the Bankruptcy? What assets are exempt?

Oct 23rd 2018
"Accounting/Tax Issues in Family Law" Be prepared to present and defend a tax return presented as evidence: What is a complete tax return? How to tell? What about information that comes with the tax return that really isn't part of it? Why look at the state tax return? Always look! What detail is presented in the Schedules, Statements or Other Info

Nov 27th 2018
Explore the Myth of a True Joint Tenancy in Family Law: Characterization and Reimbursement Issues Relating to Joint Premarital Acquisitions. Issues arise when a couple purchases property together prior to marriage in joint form and one person contributes more to the acquisition than the other. The non-contributing spouse argues that a true joint te

Sep 11th 2018
"Less Marsden" Be prepared to present and defend the best position for your client with a Moore/Mardsen calculation: Ron and Brian answer these questions and more: Must every Grinius refi breed the bizarre "Branco Bump"

Oct 25th 2023
Family law and estate planning intersect throughout the phases of a person's life. The way an estate plan should be drafted changes when someone is single, married, separated, going through a divorce and after a divorce is final. This presentation will discuss each situation and address what issues should be addressed during each phase of life
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