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Feb 28th 2017
It is not unusual following a divorce for one parent to end contact with the children and/or for the other parent to create a new family through remarriage. Through the step-parent adoption process, the new family will want to legally establish new bonds between the children and the new spouse and remove or limit the potential influence of the abse

Oct 25th 2016
In addition to a review of the bankruptcy basics, you will learn about new developments and revised dollar and debt limits under BAPCPA and how they may affect your divorce clients, If you want a primer on the interrelation of bankruptcy and family law and as well as an update to your knowledge base, this is a can't-miss presentation. The materials

Sep 27th 2016
This program describes screening assessments for power imbalances and danger in mediation and collaborative cases, and how some screening techniques may be adapted for use by litigators. While not optimal in litigated matters, screening techniques still have value in determining, even if based almost solely on information from one party, whether an
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