CLE Courses

Sep 3rd 2015
This one hour presentation is a concise analysis of statutes available for specific actions that provide for the award of attorneys fees. Fees may be mandatory or discretionary. Learn the secrets of what to submit in your billing statements and what to avoid. Are you confused about whether or how to use the Judici

Aug 25th 2015
This is a experienced level, hands-on program that delves into strategies and tactics designed to successfully bring and defend contempt proceedings. The decision to file contempt should be made after an analysis of whether you can prove your case. Opposing counsel must weigh similar considerations considering the potential consequences to your cli

Aug 9th 2015
The role of the mental health professional (MHP) in Family law is evolving. Counsel are retaining their own MHP's early in custody cases as "consulting trial experts". Some MHP help prepare a client for the court custody evaluations or mediations. A "review expert" helps counsel analyze a custody evaluation for negotiation and trial preparation. At

Mar 22nd 2015
Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS Faculty (Bench): Faculty (Bar): Justice Dennis Cornell Robert Brandt, CFLS Hon. John Chemelski, Ret. Ronald Granberg, CFLS Hon. Dianna Gould-Saltman Babarba Hammers, CFLS Hon. Erick Larsh John Hodson, CFLS Hon. Mark S. Millard Sherry Peterson, CFLS Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis Leslie Ellen Shear, CALS, CFLS Hon. Marge A
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