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Mar 22nd 2014
Running a business during a divorce requires care on the part of the managing spouse, and it can involve a risk for the out-spouse that his/her interest may be seriously impaired. This panel will discuss how to balance the managing spouse's fiduciary duty with the need to run a successful business during a divorce and how to protect the out-spouse

Mar 22nd 2014
Among other unique issues, the panelists will offer tips for applying fiduciary duties in mediation, collaborative law, post-judgment and other situations. Can fiduciary duties be built into mediation or the collaborative process to survive either process and not be shielded by mediation confidentiality? How can fiduciary duties be waived? Can part

Mar 22nd 2014
Even with the new 60-day exchange requirements, it is not always simple to persuade the other party to comply with their disclosure obligations. This panel will explore procedures for putting the opposing party on notice that the party is expected to be in full compliance with all post-separation fiduciary duties, including disclosure, and methods

Jan 28th 2014
Ms. Shear is dual certified in Family Law & Appellate Law. Her one hour presentation provides background and skills in the law after a trial decision with preparation hints, practical advice and suggestions if the case moves toward an appeal. Plan ahead with Proposed Orders, Motions in Limine and written Offers of Proof. Be careful of the State

Dec 2nd 2013
Is your client an obsessive gamer? Is your client's Wife addicted to online pornography? Learn the nature of internet addiction and how to use that knowledge to help your client, or seek an order for treatment for the opposing party. The Bay Area's Internet Addiction Specialist, Dr. Elaine Brady, and Lynne Yates-Carter CFLS, discuss how internet ad

Sep 24th 2013
Enhance your trial skills. Get you evidence in through a hostile party or witness. Ms. Slivka explains through personal experiences and related cases, how to exam and cross-exam witnesses during trial. When to push and when to lay back. How to keep the Judge on your side even when appearing aggressive and predatory during cross. Ms. Slivka compares

Aug 27th 2013
Ron Granberg gives a thought provoking analysis of the effects and application of IRMO Brooks and Robinson. Does this case change 20 years of legal reasoning? Learn how you can argue contrary positions when faced with reasoning on transmutation and characterization issues. Should you take additional litigation action in anticipation of these argume
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