CLE Courses

Sep 24th 2013
Enhance your trial skills. Get you evidence in through a hostile party or witness. Ms. Slivka explains through personal experiences and related cases, how to exam and cross-exam witnesses during trial. When to push and when to lay back. How to keep the Judge on your side even when appearing aggressive and predatory during cross. Ms. Slivka compares

Aug 27th 2013
Ron Granberg gives a thought provoking analysis of the effects and application of IRMO Brooks and Robinson. Does this case change 20 years of legal reasoning? Learn how you can argue contrary positions when faced with reasoning on transmutation and characterization issues. Should you take additional litigation action in anticipation of these argume

Apr 3rd 2013
Review of the procedural methods to seek damages and sanctions including the use of alternate valuation, remedies for violation of fiduciary duties, misappropriation, omitted assets, breach of warranty, 271 conduct, Rules of Court and defenses to each. Stephen Temko has over 37 years in family law and appeals and will review all the potential remed

Mar 24th 2013
Moderator:Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS Faculty (Bench):Hon. Kenneth Black, Ret.Hon. Louise Fightmaster, Com.Hon. Michael Gassner, Com.Hon. Diana Gould-SaltmanHon. Mark JuhasHon. Thomas Trent LewisHon. Robert Schnider, Ret. Faculty (Bar):Judith Bogen, CFLSJames Crawford, J.D.Barbara DiFranza, CFLSAnn Fallon, CFLSJohn Hodson, CFLSSteven Kolodny, CFLSMic
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