CLE Courses

Sep 1st 2021
This program will discuss pitfalls and pointers on post-judgement relief under the Family Code. This will include a discussion of set asides, delayed discovery, relief under Family Code section 1101(g) and (h), and omitted assets. The focus of the program will be practice pointers and will discuss several strategies regarding set asides of judgment

Aug 30th 2021
This seminar will instruct participants on effective areas of cross-examination in a dissolution of marriage case involving a sole proprietorship. Learn the important documents to request through discovery, key people to subpoena/depose, different approaches to cross-examination based on business type, and how to approach the case with and without

Apr 12th 2021
Discussing detailed approaches to cross-examination on issues found in custody hearings and how to approach the case with and without an expert. This seminar will touch on the type of custody assessments, i.e. Emergency Investigations, Child Custody Investigations, or private Child Custody Evaluations and focus on how to cross-exam when there are i

Feb 19th 2021
Too often misconceptions about the nature of abuse in the context of Family Law child custody cases produce orders that fail to protect the children. Both parents and the child often do things that are counterintuitive making it difficult to determine what actually happened. Hidden biases and/or knowledge deficits distort perceptions of the complai

Feb 10th 2021
Privileges protect certain communications and other information from disclosure, and are a fundamental part of our justice system.  This program will cover the most commonly used privileges -- including the attorney-client privilege, the marital/spousal privilege, the physician-patient privilege, and the psychotherapist-patient privilege -- an
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