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Nov 6th 2020
This presentation is designed to provide constructive information on the nuances of domestic violence in family law cases and how a domestic violence consultant/advocate could be beneficial.  This presentation will cover topics such as strangulation, traumatic brain injury, coercive control, economic abuse, animal abuse to name a few.

Oct 16th 2020
Over the last decade, research in social psychology and brain science has enabled scientists to better understand how humans make decisions and what influences or shapes human decision-making and interactionsThis highly interactive session explores what has been learned from implicit bias research and how our biases contribute to systemic and persistent racial and ethnic disparities.

Oct 2nd 2020
United States history is founded in the bedrock of white supremacy and racism. From the Colonial Era to the present, race and indigeneity have shaped the lived experiences of all people within the nation. Sadly, across the centuries, the legal system has protected and legitimized structural racism rather than eliminating or meaningfully challenging it. This lecture will examine ways the legal system has enforced and protected white supremacy and structural racism across the centuries.

Aug 28th 2020
Unfortunately, most lawyers will experience a malpractice claim (or the threat of a claim) at least once in their career.  For most, this is unsettling and daunting.  This program is designed to familiarize participants with the anatomy of a claim and will address what happens when someone makes (or threatens) a claim against you, what not to do, what your insurance carrier will expect, and what happens when the State Bar is involved.  While hopefully you'll never need this information, you'll be glad you have it in your back pocket, just in case.

Aug 13th 2020

John Munsill, CFLS, D. Thomas Woodruff, CFLS, and Dawn Cornelius, CPA, take a deep look at tracing issues related to family law and provide an update on current cases regarding tracing, characterization and property division.

Jul 29th 2020

Peter M. Walzer and Marc M. Stern address crossover issues in estate planning and marital dissolution, including the estate planning issues that arise during a divorce and the family law issues that affect the estate planning.

Jul 20th 2020
Most property issues in a divorce are governed by a complex set of statutes. In this webinar, Christopher C. Melcher unravels the secrets of characterizing property, proving a transmutation, and dealing with reimbursements under Family Code section 2640. The presentation provides simple and easy to follow approaches to tackling these issues in our daily practice.

Jun 25th 2020

This presentation addresses the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the handling of support issues by the court and attorneys. Commissioner Scott Harman and Melissa Harman, Esq. discuss the implications of certain provisions of Federal and State emergency relief, including the CARES Act, California Emergency Rules of Court, and local/county responses to the COVID-19 crisis. These topics are discussed from the court's perspective and the litigant's perspective.

Jun 23rd 2020

Get ready for conducting family law hearings by video with this interactive webinar.  The presenters demonstrate live the best (and worst) practices.  From cross-examination, to impeachment exhibits, to subpoenaing third party witnesses to a video hearing, they cover it. The presenters Christopher Melcher and Steve Mindel are joined by Walzer Melcher Team Members Steven K. Yoda and  Cynthia J. Ponce; FMBK team members Taylor B. Wallin, Alex Grager, Tin T. Le, and Chelsea Stevens; and privately compensated temporary judge Commissioner Gretchen W. Taylor, Retired.

Jun 16th 2020
This presentation by David T. Ruegg and John C. Madden covers the CARES Act impact on retirement accounts, drafting marital settlement agreements properly for fixed dollar awards, understanding the impact of valuation dates, actuary reports, discount rates, separate property tracings and how volatile markets should impact your analysis of these concepts.

Jun 5th 2020
Employers are encouraged to review employment practices and policies to account for the new employment landscape created by COVID-19.  This webinar will discuss important issues for employers to consider such as: complying with local, state and federal workplace safety and reopening requirements; establishing comprehensive return to work protocols; managing legal risks with temperature checks and other tests; providing employees with time off work and legally required leaves of absence; managing employees who refuse to return to work; providing employees with expanded workers' compensation benefits for COVID-19; and preventing anticipated employment litigation. Join Procopio Labor and Employment Team Leader Marie Burke Kenny as she shares practical guidance so that your business will be ready to confront anticipated challenges as you prepare for success in 2020.

May 29th 2020
The current pandemic crisis has a variety of implications for families and their attorneys. Stay-at-home orders have increased isolation for those living with domestic violence and created significant psychological and economic stress for many. The intersection of this current crisis with another public health issue"gun violence"has particular challenges for families. This webinar covers critical issues related to gun violence prevention and gun safety legal issues during this challenging time and addresses what family law attorneys can do to help increase safety and decrease risk for themselves and their clients. Julia Weber, a California attorney and social worker, is the Implementation Director for Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

May 15th 2020
Before the economic crisis, closely held businesses were valued and nearly always awarded to the operating spouse. Now, it may be impossible to value the business and the liquidity for a buy-out has dried up. Deferred division may be the new normal, requiring spouses to continue their co-ownership. In this discussion led by Christopher C. Melcher, he explores the legal challenges, tax issues, and valuation problems when exes have to stay in the business. This was a Zoom Presentation.
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