CLE Courses

Jun 5th 2020
Employers are encouraged to review employment practices and policies to account for the new employment landscape created by COVID-19.  This webinar will discuss important issues for employers to consider such as: complying with local, state and federal workplace safety and reopening requirements; establishing comprehensive return to work proto

Jul 8th 2012
What happened to the Yellow Page Ads? How are new lawyers promoting themselves and their practices? Do you feel like you are being left in the dust? Mark Ressa, a family law specialist (like you), takes the mystery for lawyers out of the use of the internet and programs like FaceBook. Even if you have no intent to change, you better find out what i

May 22nd 2018
An exploration of issues that impact attorney competency, including, common impairments, as well as how to protect clients when competency or capacity issues develop. Among the topics discussed: addiction, physical and mental disabilities, incapacity, what can happen to a practice / clients when competency and incapacity occur. Dealing with the imp
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