CLE Courses

Mar 28th 2010
Fundamentals of Transmutations " Dawn Gray, CFLS; Stephen J. Wagner, CFLS Title Presumptions and Burdens of Proof " Stephen Temko, CFLS, CALS 'Til Death or Divorce Do Us Part: Probate and Family Law Crossover Issues " Hon. Mitchell Beckloff; Diana E. Richmond, CFLS; Avery Cooper, CFLS Title, Transfers and Transmutation Trial Practicum " Peter M. Wa

Mar 26th 2010
18th Annual Spring Seminar Pre-Conference Institute: Advanced Attorneys' Fees: Maximizing Your Results in Making or Opposing Family Law Fee Requests, Practical Strategies, and Hot Issues - Hon. Kenneth Black (Ret.);Hon. Michael Naughton; Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS;Leslie Ellen Shear, CFLS, CALS
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