"Separation Anxiety: Understanding the Davis Case and the Proposed Anti-Davis Legislation"


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Have you shown up for a hearing or mediation only to find the opposing counsel has changed the date of separation based on Davis? You are confronted with schedules characterizing separate/community property and reimbursement for debts that turn your case around. Forget that the Petition and Response state the same date of separation! If it hasn't happened to you yet, it will. This one hour presentation will provide you with an in depth analysis of Davis, the underlying historical analysis leading to Davis, and SB 1255 known as anti-Davis legislation. Consi der retroactivity vs. a vested right without due process? What evidence must be considered? The materials include a treatise on this topic and reference materials necessary for argument (64 pages).

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Presented ON

April 26, 2016


John Munsill, CFLS

*MCLE Credits


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