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"Nuances of Hearsay: A Systematic Approach to Application of the Hearsay Rule in Family Law Cases"

This comprehensive course on Family Law Evidence Issues provides a deep dive into the intricacies of hearsay, authentication, and exceptions as they pertain to family law cases. Students will learn to navigate the complexities of the abuse of discretion standard, expert testimony, lay opinion testimony, and character evidence through an examination of relevant case laws.The course will guide students through Goldberg's three-part hearsay analysis, with a particular focus on children's statements and unique challenges they present. Participants will explore various exceptions to the hearsay rule, including state of mind, spontaneous utterances, and special problems related to evidence of abuse against children.Additionally, students will gain proficiency in the authentication of documentary evidence, addressing the secondary evidence rule, and understanding the admissibility of different types of records. The course will emphasize practical applications, covering strategies for introducing records in court and analyzing foundational elements. This course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively handle family law evidence issues in practice.


Presented by:  Hon. Hank Goldberg, Hon. Jackson Lucky and Alphonse Provinziano

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