Hall of Fame

The ACFLS Hall of Fame Award is conferred upon a Certified Family Law Specialist whose contributions to the specialty and the practice of family law have been substantial, and who exemplifies the highest ethical and legal standards of family law practice.  This is the highest honor bestowed by the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists.


1991      Robert J. Fulton

1992      C. Rick Chamberlain

1993      Stephen Adams

1994      John F. Staley

1995      Garrett C. Dailey

1996      Barbara A. DiFranza

1997      Mark I. Starr

1998      Stuart Walzer

1999      Ruth Miller

2000      George H. Norton

2001      Lorraine C. Gollub

2002      William M. Hilton

2003      Stephen J. Wagner

2004      Alan L. Tanenbaum

2005      Patricia A. Parson (Special Recognition Award)

2006      Justice Donald B. King (Ret.) (Special Recognition Award)

2007      Diana Richmond

2008      Honorable Robert A. Schnider (Ret.)

2009      R. Ann Fallon

2010 marked the ACFLS 30th Anniversary.  In celebration of our anniversary we presented the “ACFLS Outstanding Service Award” to the following four recipients:


Stephen Adams, CFLS

Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS

Justice Donald B. King (ret.)

Justice David G. Sills, the California Supreme Court

2011      Vivian L. Holley

2012      Ronald S. Granberg

2013      Dawn Gray

2014      Leslie Ellen Shear

2015      Honorable Dianna Gould-Saltman

2016      Diane E. Wasznicky

2017      Honorable Sue Alexander (Ret.) 

2018      Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis

2019      Honorable B. Scott Thomsen

2020/2021   Peter M. Walzer

2022      Dianne M. Fetzer

2023      Honorable Marjorie Slabach (Ret.)    

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