ACFLS Board Award

The ACFLS Board Award, also known as the "Sterling" Award in honor of long-time Board of Directors member Sterling Myers, CFLS, is conferred upon an individual or entity who has demonstrated a sustained and extraordinary period of committed service to the association.  Recipients have contributed substantially to the hands-on operation and success of ACFLS and the furtherance of its goals and objectives.



2012                    Sterling Meyers

2013                     Frieda Gordon

2014                     Joseph J. Bell

2015                     Linda Seinturier

2016                     Stephen Temko 

2017                     John D. Hodson

2018                     Karen C. Freitas

2019                     Sherry Peterson, David Lederman, Avi Levy

2020/2021          Seth D. Kramer

2022                     Joey Mitchell


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